A Bridal Shower

For those of you who don’t know me, I HEART planning things, especially girly things, and especially girly things that are wedding-related. So imagine my joy when I got to throw my very first bridal shower yesterday! I’ve been looking forward to this for months {that’s no exaggeration}. Not only did I get to plan the shower and make all these cute little decorations, but the shower was for one of my closest friends, which made it all the more special. She’s such a wonderful friend, so I wanted to pull out all the stops for her. I lived on Pinterest for about a month finding ideas that I thought she’d like! Needless to say, yesterday morning was crazy with cooking the food, decorating, and last-minute cleaning. And, of course, I also had to get myself ready {which I did in about 10 minutes…that’s a new record!}. The shower went great though! It was everything I {and more importantly, the bride} hoped it’d be and then some. I was so honored to get to plan this for her and bring this kind of joy to her and her fiancé…plus she threw me a fabulous shower when I was engaged, so this was my opportunity to return the favor! I was so pleased with how everything turned out that I thought I’d share some pictures from yesterday. Now I just have to hang tight until June, which is when my friend’s big day is! I couldn’t be happier for her and I can’t WAIT to celebrate her marriage! June will be here before we know it! {You’ll have to pardon the quality of some of the images…they were taken VERY quickly on my phone right before the shower started.}


{A little sneak peak of the invites I designed for the shower. I heart how they turned out!}


{A cute little banner I made with the bride’s name, plus Bride & Groom signs above their chairs}


{Some of the food that was there…we made A LOT of food! The full spread included ham & cheese pinwheels, deviled eggs, antipasto skewers, a veggie tray, toasted ravioli, and melted chocolate with all kinds of things to dip in it}


{I even went all out and made cute little cards for all the food}


{A little nod to the bride’s love for owls}


{There were also cake pops! Who doesn’t love cake pops? For the record, I didn’t make these…another friend of the bride did. How cute are they though?!}


{We had two kinds of punch, one in each of her wedding colors, plus water}


{Mason jars that I decorated for drinks…I especially heart how these turned out!}


{One more of the jars, just because they were one of my favorite things!}


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