Sticking To It

Well hellooooooo blog world! It’s been awhile, no? I never feel like it’s been that long since I’ve posted, but I haven’t posted anything since May, so…oops. Life has a funny way of getting away from us, doesn’t it?

Regardless of how much time has passed since my last post, I meant it when I said I wanted to stick with this blog. I do love writing and I love this type of creative outlet. PLUS, one of my new year’s resolutions is to stick with things. I have this bad habit of starting things and not finishing them {usually just little things, like craft projects}. True confession: I have a couple of picture frames that I bought over a year ago, and they still don’t have pictures in them. Pathetic, I know. My brain just goes a million miles a minute and I get side-tracked with new projects. It’s totally a weakness I’m working on.

All that being said, I’m determined to start finishing some of the things I started, and this blog is one of them. {Although, do you ever really finish a blog? Probably not, but you get my point.} I’m trying to really stick to my resolutions this year and better myself as an individual. I truly to believe that if you’re happy and you’re being the best you, then you can much better take care of the ones you love and make them happy as well. This is a creative outlet that I really enjoy and that makes me happy, so I’m stickin’ to it!

I’d love to hear some of your new year’s resolutions, so comment below if you feel so inclined to share! Sharing greatly improves accountability…just sayin’.





2 thoughts on “Sticking To It

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