The Final Countdown


{Did my blog title make you start singing the song? Good…it’s been stuck in my head all morning.}

Happy Monday everyone! Hubs and I are officially less than one week away from moving day! How crazy is that? I can’t believe the month flew by so fast. Assuming all goes according to plan {a.k.a. the bank gets everything processed in time}, we should be in our new home this weekend.

I have to say, even though I’m excited to move, I’m feeling more exhausted today than I did when I got home Friday afternoon. Hubs and I spent most of our weekend packing. Let me tell you, packing seems like pretty mundane work when you’re just talking about it, but it’s really tiring when you spend multiple days in a row doing it! Luckily, we got a really good part of it done. Our living room is now unusable because of all the furniture and boxes we have shoved in there.

Moving Box

One thing that’s made our lives a little easier is staying organized. Hubs and I are both pretty good at planning things out in our heads {at least when it comes to this kind of stuff}, so that’s kept us mostly sane. The trick is making sure your mental plans line up with each other. In our case, our plans didn’t line up yesterday. I figured we’d pack all of the things we don’t use on a daily basis first, so I started packing office supplies, guest bedroom stuff, and extra linens. Meanwhile, hubs takes the TV {something we definitely use every day} down from the wall-mount so he could start patching the holes. Totally makes sense, but it wasn’t what I had planned. I figured we’d leave the TV up until Thursday or Friday, because hello? The Bachelor is on Monday, Nashville is on Wednesday, and has he not heard of something called TGIT? Luckily, he was sweet enough to set up our little TV in our bedroom. It’s the small stuff, folks.

From that point on, we started to communicate a little better about our strategies. Something that’s really helped us out {and I’m hoping will help us out on move-in day} are these little color-coded labels I made. Each color coordinates with a different room. I also put a spot to number each box. The plan was to write the numbers down in a notebook and then write what was in each box next to the numbers in said notebook. But, as hubs so eloquently pointed out, “What if you lose the notebook? You do lose things a lot…” Touché, Mr. Feipel.


So, I modified our labeling system by just writing what was in each box on the label. It definitely simplifies things, but now it looks like we’re hashtagging everything we pack! Plus it doesn’t fulfill my compulsive need to make lists. Sigh.

All in all, things are moving along pretty well. Now we’re just crossing our fingers and hoping everything gets processed in time. I’d hate to have worked so hard packing everything, only to have our closing date pushed back. I may cry if that happens. But, as I’ve blogged about before, positivity is a beautiful thing. Here’s to staying positive and keeping my sanity!


Redefining Valentine’s Day


Wow, here we are already! Happy V Day everyone! Break out the chocolates and the conversation hearts! {Just kidding…but really, you could give me chocolate…} Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you either love or hate. Sure, I know people who dislike Christmas because they get annoyed by the music, or Thanksgiving because of all the family craziness. But of all the holidays, V Day seems to be the most polarizing.

Let me just give a little disclaimer up-front: I’m a total sap. I love all things mushy, and even the most cliché of romantic gestures will put a smile on my face. Think The Notebook paired with cuddling, wine, and chocolates {and tissues…lots and lots of tissues}. Yeah, I’m that girl.


With that being said, while I personally love Valentine’s Day, more and more I think it’s a little exclusive. If you don’t have a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, you’re kind of out of luck. I used to be all about the traditional array of Valentine’s Day festivities – fancy dinner, flowers, jewelry, the whole nine yards. But as hubs and I progress in our relationship, my definition of Valentine’s Day has changed.

Fun throwback story: hubs and I spent our first V Day in a movie theater eating tacos from the Taco Bell drive through that we’d snuck into the theater. My purse smelled like tacos for weeks after that. And you know what? To this day, that Valentine’s Day stands out the most in my mind, not because it was our first one, but because it was one of the most fun Valentine’s Days I’ve had with him. Out of all the fancy dinners and nice gifts throughout the years, smuggled tacos and a rom com have topped my list of favorite Valentine’s Days. Go figure.


I think part of the reason I enjoyed that Valentine’s Day so much was because there was no pressure. Valentine’s Day isn’t so much a holiday now as it is an ordeal. Who can come up with the most elaborate date night? Who drops the most money on fabulous diamond jewelry? Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have only made it worse. “Well so-and-so’s boyfriend got her diamond earrings AND a pony.”

Can we just stop for a minute and think about what V Day is really about? It’s about celebrating the one{s} you love. It’s a time to slow down and let your significant other know how special they are and how much you appreciate them. They do so much for us all throughout the year, so why not show small tokens of love and appreciation rather than drop ungodly amounts of money on things they probably don’t need?

And to take that one step further, why not make Valentine’s Day a celebration of all the people you love, rather than just significant others? Then it could be a holiday everyone could enjoy. Whether it be a sibling, a parent, a child, a friend, a pet or all of the above, everyone has people {or animals} in their lives who they love. So this year, let’s make V Day about sharing the love and appreciation with all the important people in our lives. To me, that would make it a much more inclusive and meaningful holiday.


So, having put all of that out there, you may be wondering what the hubs and I are doing today to celebrate. We’ll be spending the rest of our morning at the World of Wheels auto show {my small gift to him, because cars are his favorite}. After that we may go to Nebraska Furniture Mart to shop for appliances, and we’ll end our evening spending quality time with good friends at their house. Nothing fancy, no bells & whistles. Just quality time with my love and people who matter to us. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day everyone!


New Home Inspiration

Get excited everyone…it’s almost Friday! WOOO! I seriously need this weekend. Things have been nuts around here ever since hubs and I officially accepted an offer on a house. I still can’t believe I’m moving to Missouri…I’ve always lived in Kansas! It’ll definitely be a new adventure!

Speaking of new adventures, we officially got a home inspection done yesterday. It seemed like there were people all over our new house! In reality, there were three inspectors, but they bustled around the house so fast that it seemed like there were more of them. All in all, our new house has a clean bill of health, which means hubs and I can breathe a little sigh of relief now. We weren’t anticipating them finding anything major, but you just never know. {Plus hubs and I are both chronic worriers, so one of us is constantly paranoid about something…Lord help our future children.}

Now that we’ve passed inspections, it feels like I can really start to plan for our new home. I didn’t want to before for fear of getting my hopes up and then somehow losing the house. I realize something crazy could still happen, but with a good inspection in our back pocket, I feel much more confident hunting for some inspiration.

Below is a sampling of the many pictures I’ve gone through of home décor ideas and layouts that I absolutely love! Now if only I had unlimited funds to make all of this happen…










Image Sources: Image 1 // Image 2 // Image 3 // Image 4 // Image 5 // Image 6 // Image 7 // Image 8 // Image 9

Valentines Favorite Finds

Wow, is it really already February? Time is flying! Of course, with the arrival of February, that can only mean one thing…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! {I just heard a lot of “YAYS!” or a lot of groans.} I personally enjoy Valentine’s Day and always have, regardless of whether or not I was single or taken. Big shocker, I know…I mean, come on, my blog is called I Heart All.

What I’m not so big on, though, is buying seasonal items that I can only use once a year. {With the exception of Christmas, because obviously Christmas is the superior holiday.} I’m not saying I don’t like decorating my house for other holidays and getting in the spirit – I absolutely do! I just think if you’re going to spend a chunk of money on it, you should be able to use it all throughout the year.

Here are some of my favorite V-Day finds from around the web that you can {mostly} use/wear again. Some are clothing items, some are makeup/accessories, and some are just little knick knacks, but all are functional and fabulous. I even threw in a couple things for the fur kids 🙂



{1} Graphic shirts // Target // here, here, & here  {2} Paper straws // Hobby Lobby  {3} Ulta Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette // Ulta  {4} Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in True Red // Ulta  {5} Gold foil heart notebook // Paper Source  {6} “Heart of Gold” mug // Paper Source  {7} Throw pillows // Paper Source (Love You More) & Pier 1 (Ombre Heart)  {8} Tickled Pink stationery // Kate Spade  {9} Hearts iPhone 6 case // Kate Spade  {10} Essie Cashmere Matte nail polish // Essie (Colors: Comfy Cashmere, Wrap Me Up, Just Stitched, & Coat Couture)  {11} Yogurt-dipped dog treats // Land of Paws  {12} Love Bites doggy rope tug // Petco  {13} Gold cap-toe flats // Current Boutique  {14} Perfect Pout Kit // Victoria’s Secret  {15} Flower drop earrings // LOFT  {16} Heart elbow patch sweater // BooHoo  {17} Red chalkboard mason jar // Pier 1  {18} Chocolate assortment // Christopher Elbow