New Home Inspiration

Get excited everyone…it’s almost Friday! WOOO! I seriously need this weekend. Things have been nuts around here ever since hubs and I officially accepted an offer on a house. I still can’t believe I’m moving to Missouri…I’ve always lived in Kansas! It’ll definitely be a new adventure!

Speaking of new adventures, we officially got a home inspection done yesterday. It seemed like there were people all over our new house! In reality, there were three inspectors, but they bustled around the house so fast that it seemed like there were more of them. All in all, our new house has a clean bill of health, which means hubs and I can breathe a little sigh of relief now. We weren’t anticipating them finding anything major, but you just never know. {Plus hubs and I are both chronic worriers, so one of us is constantly paranoid about something…Lord help our future children.}

Now that we’ve passed inspections, it feels like I can really start to plan for our new home. I didn’t want to before for fear of getting my hopes up and then somehow losing the house. I realize something crazy could still happen, but with a good inspection in our back pocket, I feel much more confident hunting for some inspiration.

Below is a sampling of the many pictures I’ve gone through of home décor ideas and layouts that I absolutely love! Now if only I had unlimited funds to make all of this happen…










Image Sources: Image 1 // Image 2 // Image 3 // Image 4 // Image 5 // Image 6 // Image 7 // Image 8 // Image 9


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