The Final Countdown


{Did my blog title make you start singing the song? Good…it’s been stuck in my head all morning.}

Happy Monday everyone! Hubs and I are officially less than one week away from moving day! How crazy is that? I can’t believe the month flew by so fast. Assuming all goes according to plan {a.k.a. the bank gets everything processed in time}, we should be in our new home this weekend.

I have to say, even though I’m excited to move, I’m feeling more exhausted today than I did when I got home Friday afternoon. Hubs and I spent most of our weekend packing. Let me tell you, packing seems like pretty mundane work when you’re just talking about it, but it’s really tiring when you spend multiple days in a row doing it! Luckily, we got a really good part of it done. Our living room is now unusable because of all the furniture and boxes we have shoved in there.

Moving Box

One thing that’s made our lives a little easier is staying organized. Hubs and I are both pretty good at planning things out in our heads {at least when it comes to this kind of stuff}, so that’s kept us mostly sane. The trick is making sure your mental plans line up with each other. In our case, our plans didn’t line up yesterday. I figured we’d pack all of the things we don’t use on a daily basis first, so I started packing office supplies, guest bedroom stuff, and extra linens. Meanwhile, hubs takes the TV {something we definitely use every day} down from the wall-mount so he could start patching the holes. Totally makes sense, but it wasn’t what I had planned. I figured we’d leave the TV up until Thursday or Friday, because hello? The Bachelor is on Monday, Nashville is on Wednesday, and has he not heard of something called TGIT? Luckily, he was sweet enough to set up our little TV in our bedroom. It’s the small stuff, folks.

From that point on, we started to communicate a little better about our strategies. Something that’s really helped us out {and I’m hoping will help us out on move-in day} are these little color-coded labels I made. Each color coordinates with a different room. I also put a spot to number each box. The plan was to write the numbers down in a notebook and then write what was in each box next to the numbers in said notebook. But, as hubs so eloquently pointed out, “What if you lose the notebook? You do lose things a lot…” Touché, Mr. Feipel.


So, I modified our labeling system by just writing what was in each box on the label. It definitely simplifies things, but now it looks like we’re hashtagging everything we pack! Plus it doesn’t fulfill my compulsive need to make lists. Sigh.

All in all, things are moving along pretty well. Now we’re just crossing our fingers and hoping everything gets processed in time. I’d hate to have worked so hard packing everything, only to have our closing date pushed back. I may cry if that happens. But, as I’ve blogged about before, positivity is a beautiful thing. Here’s to staying positive and keeping my sanity!


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