Ever feel like technology is taking over your life? It’s not really a secret that people spend more time on their electronic devices than they ever have before. I personally am very active on my phone and my laptop…probably too active at times. True confession: hubs has mentioned countless times how much I’m on my various electronic devices. Yikes.

I feel a little funny talking about this through my blog, since a blog by nature is a “plugged-in” thing. But oh well – it’s for the greater good! I’ll take one for the team {wink, wink}.

This year, I’ve made it one of my resolutions to spend less time on my devices. I’ll be honest though, I’m still not great at it a lot of the time, especially when hubs isn’t around. Most of my friends probably know this already…often times I’m one of the first people to like things on Facebook or Instagram, and I pretty much always respond to texts and e-mails the second I get them, even if it could wait.

Half the time I’m honestly not even sure why I’m so active online. Part of it is my mild OCD – I loathe having little notification icons on my phone. It drives me insane! Another little part of me feel like people have come to expect it, which I know seems silly. But I think a big reason is just because I’m bored. I’ve found myself scrolling through Facebook stories/statuses that I’ve already read, even thinking of how bored I am. And yet I keep scrolling. It sounds pretty outrageous when you say it out loud, and I’ve been trying to catch myself when I do this.


When hubs and I first moved into our new house {going on three weeks now – WOO!}, we didn’t have internet for almost two weeks. Long story short, our previous internet provider didn’t service our new neighborhood, so we had to decide which new provider we wanted to go with.

O. M. G. How was I supposed to live without internet? I didn’t freak out or anything, but I was honestly pretty irritated that we weren’t going to have internet for awhile. But you know what? It ended up being one of the best things that could happen to me.

We had some pretty nice weather that coincided with The Feipel Internet Blackout of 2015, which helped draw me outside and away from my phone {which still had 4G, and therefore internet}. I found myself wanting to spend more and more time outside, whether it was playing with the pup or eating or just relaxing and talking to hubs. And when I was inside, I had all the windows wide open to let the fresh air in.

Something must have happened in my head – maybe all that fresh air cleared the technology-induced cobwebs from my brain – because something had kickstarted my efforts to unplug more. Pup and I have gone on a nice long walk every evening that the weather has allowed us to. Hubs and I have eaten outside several times already. Even when the weather isn’t nice, I feel more inclined to get things done around the house rather than just sit on Facebook.

I know it’ll still be hard at times to consciously unplug, but I think I’ve laid a pretty solid foundation for myself. I would encourage anyone who’s addicted to their technology to unplug every once in awhile. It does your brain and your body a lot of good {and you get a lot more done}!



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