Find Your Happy Place

Howdy everyone! TGIF, am I right?! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had one heck of a week…and today was especially stressful. Do you ever have one of those days/weeks where you just want to come home and throw a little fit like a toddler? Um, yeah, I was at that point today.

In the past when I’ve come home after days like today, I didn’t do much to alleviate my stress. I usually come straight home and plop in front of the TV/computer/cell phone just to get my mind off of the stressful day I just had. Most of the time, this serves its purpose of taking my mind off of things for a little bit, but it does nothing to improve my mood. I’m still cranky, I’m still stressed, my shoulders are still tensed up…yeah, it’s not pretty. I almost inevitably end up snapping at hubs at some point. No bueno.

If you read my last post about living life more unplugged, then you may be able to guess where I’m going with this. This year, I’ve been trying to live my life with more intention. I want to be more purposeful and deliberate in the choices I make and the things I do and say. With that being the case, then why on Earth would I come home and do something that doesn’t make me feel any better {and doesn’t make me pleasant to be around}?


I realized that when something bad happens or when I have a stressful day at work, I need a happy place to go to. I think everyone needs a happy place to escape to every once in awhile, and I don’t think you have to be limited to just one happy place. {Example: I LOVE coffee shops…not just for their coffee, but for their atmosphere in general. I’m instantly in a better mood the minute I walk into a cute coffee shop. Maybe that has to do with my unnatural obsession with mugs…but I digress.}

One place that I’m usually most happy is my home, but lately I’ve found that I’m particularly happy when I’m outside on nice days like today. I’m not sure why it took me this long to figure that out, but I think the important part is that you find your ultimate happy place, no matter how long it takes you to find it.


So today, after my incredibly stressful week, instead of coming home and drowning my sorrows with social feeds, I immediately asked hubs if he wanted to take pup on a walk. He obliged and we went on a nice long walk around the neighborhood. I don’t know if it was the kids playing, the freshly cut grass, or the smell of everyone’s flowers, but even the act of taking a few minutes for a walk made me feel a million times better. After that, I headed straight for the hammock, and that’s where I’ve been ever since {yes, I’m blogging from my hammock…be jealous}.

Moral of this story: find your happy place, wherever it may be. It doesn’t matter where it is. As long as it makes you feel more relaxed and at peace with the world around you, then that’s all that matters. I promise it’ll make you feel a whole lot better to have a little spot to retreat to when life gets too overwhelming.



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